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DeepRanjani Foundation aims to empower individuals with special needs and their families psychologically, economically and socially, to attain a sustainable future. We offer skill building-vocational training to individuals with special needs aiming at employment generation. Special education and therapeutic management for individuals with intellectual special needs, assessment & diagnosis of special needs, counseling & psychotherapy of individuals with special needs and families are organization’s key focus. We offer training to parents of individuals with special needs, as well as teachers catering to special or neurotypical students. Backed up by well-experienced, trained team of mental health professionals, DeepRanjani offers scientific intervention as per global standard. We intend to empower our targeted community through our professional skills, deepest empathy, respect and hope for a better future.

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Towards a Better Future

DeepRanjani envisions professional skill development and autonomy of adults with special needs and their families. Further intend to build a safe, hygienic, respectable residential home for individuals with special needs, to ensure security to parents & their wards for a time when they won’t be capable of caring for their children anymore. We visualize a society where parents are more informed about their children’s special needs, equipped to manage the condition, & ensure an inclusive sustainable growth for the special needs fraternity. We believe in quality service & systematic evaluation to attend an inclusive environment where the stigma associated with special needs gets blurred accepting the way they are.

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