Skill Building & Vocational Training

DeepRanjani offers range of Skill Building & Vocational Training across different special needs conditions and abilities of individuals meticulously aligned with NIOS and New Education Policy. Training programs ranging from Multimedia to cottage industry, small scale industry products, the aim of the training programs is employment generation & sustainable living.

Early Intervention

The Early Intervention Service at DeepRanjani Foundation aims to provide a family centred and comprehensive support system for children with developmental disabilities or delays in the first five years (0-5) of life. The principle is to minimize the delays and maximize the chances of reaching typical milestones in development. It also supports and implements screening procedures to increase the early identification of difficulties and provide the family support as early as possible to families.

Special Education

The Special Education unit at DeepRanjani Foundation aims at complete and holistic learning as per the best capacity of the special needs individuals. The special educational program is multi-dimensional in nature and encompasses all important skill areas like communication, social understanding, play and leisure, self-care regimes among others. 

Therapeutic Intervention

We offer Occupational Therapy, Speech & Communication Therapy, Physiotherapy, Creative Art Therapies for all individuals with special needs as per their management need.

Training & Guidance

We primarily offer group as well as individual Parental Training to urban as well as rural location parents to empower them to participate and facilitate the management process of their children.  Apart from Parental Training we are into training of neurotypical as well as special school teachers to enable them work with individuals with special needs at their own set up following global standards.

Assessment & Diagnosis

DeepRanjani Foundation offers scientific and affordable assessment and diagnosis of special needs /associated conditions by a team of registered mental health care professionals.


DeepRanjani offers consultancy programs to non-profit organizations in the field of mental health, particularly special needs to ensure growth and sustainability.

Special Needs Helpline

DeepRanjani offers an emergency helpline service for individuals & families of special needs across West Bengal and beyond through our toll free no. We expect responsible & genuine callers to achieve the purpose of the initiative.